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Behind the Dollars- CRED's Ad Campaign

Behind the Dollars- CRED's Ad Campaign

CRED, founded by Kunal Shah in 2018, is a start-up which solves the problem related to the payment through credit card.

CRED has run an extensive campaign during the Indian Premier League season 2020, with good old Bollywood stars of the 90s era. The campaign featured Madhuri Dixit, Anil Kapoor, and Bappi Lahiri, with the caption- ‘Not everyone gets it’. It’s also a nod to CRED’s members-only barrier; only those with a credit score of 750 plus become CRED members.

The campaign became a huge success and well talked about among people. The fact that it was shown to us during every break a cricket match got, or every other popular YouTube channel we see in India, could be counted in its success, but that’s not it.

We’ve got to see some tricks and hooks they used in their advertisement:

The ads didn’t say anything directly. It just conveyed its motto through words that left the audience with curiosity about the app.

The majority of the earning people are in some ways have nostalgia about the 90s era which got them emotionally.

The timing of the launch of the campaign was the most viewed time of Indian television- during IPL

The company had made an advertisement in 2019 too, with Jim Serbh as the brand ambassador.
The ad pitched CRED as a smooth alternative to hassle-free credit statements and all those hidden charges.

The ad’s description read- “Makes one wonder if it’s worth it. Doesn’t it?”

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