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Zomato- A Taste of Its Drooling Campaign

Zomato- A Taste of Its Drooling Campaign

Founded in 2008 by Pankaj Chaddah and Deepinder Goyal, Foodiebay later renamed Zomato, has become very hit among the millennials. It's one of those companies which is popular for its customer service. The kind of connection between Zomato and customers is unparalleled. While personal experience is getting hooked to a particular brand, there are some other factors.

Let's see what those factors working in favor of Zomato are:

• Search Engine Optimization- Zomato's search engine optimization is so in place. As of July 2019, it was trending with 2,16,952 keywords and attracting the organic traffic of 6,719,882 users per month.

• Graphics- The graphics of Zomato is always on point and goes with the latest trends.

• Social Media Management- This app is extremely popular on social media because of its followers' attentiveness. You will always get a story share and replies, even if you tag it in some posts. This makes people love and adore this brand.

• Personalized message- The person who has used the Zomato app will tell you the fantastic experience it gives through personalized notes and reminders. The copywriting game of Zomato is evident in its messages which are enough to understand its popularity.

• Paid Ads- Even though it has become already popular, Zomato is leaving no stone unturned. It runs an extensive ad campaign on Google, which results in customers not forgetting its name and new ones getting added to the list consistently.

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